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Our business is understanding your business

Business Advice

Purchase of Business and Property

We analyse your proposed purchase, advising you on the price, viability, return on capital invested and identifing and relevant future taxation issues.

Small Business Startup

We advise on a broad range of issues that should be considered when purchasing or starting up your new business such as the structure to use, finance, taxation, banking, record keeping and insurance.

Business Structuring

We can assess your current business structure and recommend the structure that provides the most flexibility and security.

Budgeting and Cashflows

An important part of your business management is the establishment of budgets and cashflow projections. We can assist with the preparation of these important tools.

Budgets and cashflow projections may also be required as part of your finance application or business plan.

Performance Analysis and Profit Improvement

We analyse your business performance, identity its strengths and weaknesses, and make recommendations to achieve your desired targets and goals.

Sale of Business and Valuations

We prepare financial statements specifically required for a business sale and provide an indicative valuation to assist with determining a listing price.

Estate & Succession Planning

In cooperation with your legal advisor a plan can be put in place for the exit of the business owners due to retirement, disability or death. The plan will allow for the business to be dealt with in accordance with your wishes and in the most tax effective manner.

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