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Careers at JKM

As our practice continues to grow, we will be looking for exceptional people to join our team of young enthusiastic accountants. You have no doubt heard the saying that a businesses best asset are its people well it's true!! We believe it and we strive to offer the best working conditions as well as a good balance between work and play for our staff.

What we like to do for our staff

Continuing Professional Education is encouraged and we provide support both financially and non financially for furthering training and studies.

We value feedback, ideas and any contributions you may bring to improve the service provided to our clients.

We have regular Performance Reviews to provide the necessary professional guidance to help you develop your skills and realise your potential.

We support a balanced lifestyle and offer flexible and friendly working conditions.

We are actively involved in organising functions and activities to promote a relaxed work culture.


If you are interested in joining our Team, you can obtain additional information on any opportunities by enquiring at jkm@jkmaccountants.com.au

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